Stopping Fires Before They Start

Fires are obviously a serious threat to any business or residential building but many of us fail to realize just how serious the threat really is. A fire is not only a threat to lives and property, it can make destroy careers and livelihoods in a matter of moments. The highly respected team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. has many decades of experience in all areas of fire protection. Whether a business or residence needs to install new fire sprinkler systems or take charge of its alarm inspection situation, no company is better able to ensure that devastating fires are stopped before they start.

At the same time, businesses of all types need to keep their eye firmly on the bottom line and FPG, Inc. is skilled at helping clients to prevent fires and reduce their potential damage in the most cost effective manner possible. Importantly, they also have to ensure that they are compliant with all the relevant codes and regulations. General manager and lead engineer George Saadian is a published author on fire protection and one of the most widely respected authorities in this area. He has also personally helped to revise many of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) codes currently in place. From organizing fire sprinkler inspection plans to consulting on which products are necessary for a given building, Mr. Saadian and the rest of the highly experienced Fire Protection Group, Inc. team are an unparalleled resource.

FPG, Inc. provides complete, turn-key fire protection services that all properties need to prevent potential human and fiscal disasters. From the simple steps that can prevent a blaze to, sprinklers to stop small fires from turning into large ones, to fire alarm systems that warn occupants of a fire, we are here to provide everything needed to prevent the worst.