Staying up To Fire Codes with Help from the Pros

One of the most important obligations of building ownership is ensuring that your structure is up to regulations and fire codes. These codes vary from building to building and change depending on the style of the building, how large it is, and the building’s operation. Oftentimes, making sure your building has proper, functioning fire alarm systems installed is the extend of fire code requirements, however they can become much more stringent depending on the circumstances, and it’s critical that an owner does whatever is necessary to remain compliant.

Though an important aspect of fire protection and safety, these codes can be intimidating and difficult to navigate. Thankfully, the Fire Protection Group and lead engineer and general manager George Saadian are leading the field in experience when it comes to fire control and safety. As an expert in fire regulations, Mr. Saadian has helped write fire codes that have been adapted by enforcement agencies. Alongside Mr. Saadian, our team’s superior level of knowledge and experience gives us the edge over our competitors and the ability to best advise you on how best to protect your building.

Because Fire Protection Group has is experienced with working in every style of building, our technicians will be able to install the ideal system for your specific needs no matter where you might be located. From government offices, to high rises, commercial centers, medical facilities, and more, our team will install the system you need to pass fire inspection including stand pipes for high rise structures. We also provide 24 hour a day/7 day a week monitoring to ensure your system continue to run optimally, and provide regular testing, like fire pump testing allowing you to rest assured that your equipment will be effective when you need it the most.