If you’re a business owner, building manager, or land developer, there are many aspects of building codes and safety that you have to understand. The amount of safety information you have to learn about can feel dizzying. Dealing with the risk of a fire is obviously at the top of the list of safety concerns, That’s why your best bet is to contact the industry experts at Fire Protection Group, Inc. for help inspecting, installing, and updating your sprinklers, stand pipes, and fire alarms. 

Our fire alarm systems and installers are among the best in the industry. The team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is led by George Saadian. He has worked in the fire safety industry for three decades and is noted author on the topic of fire safety. Together with former LAFD Chief Al Hernandez and retired LAFD Captain Bob Holloway, the experts at Fire Protection Group, Inc. have experience with every aspect of fire safety and protection.

Not only does Fire Protection Group, Inc. install alarm systems and sprinklers, we also offer fire sprinkler inspection, to ensure that your existing system is not just up to code, but completely up to date.
You want to know that your employees or residents are safe. You want to know that your important business documents and computer systems are secure. Don’t leave their safety to chance – get the Fire Protection Group, Inc.’s expert inspectors to your building for help with your fire protection plan.  Our staff looks forward to providing you with the highest level of service.