Your building undergoes routine inspections from the fire department, so you know you’re up to code. But when was the last time you updated your alarm system? Do you know what stand pipes do? What’s the most efficient water pressure for your sprinkler system? At Fire Protection Group, Inc., we have decades of industry experience to help keep your employees and business assets safe from fire or smoke damage. 

Led by our lead engineer and general manager George Saadian, the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers expert installation and updates to fire alarm systems. This is one of the most crucial parts of your fire protection plan, because the alarm alerts employees or residents that they must evacuate the building. An alarm system will also contact the fire department for you, so they can arrive quickly and extinguish the fire. These matters are obviously extremely crucial so it’s essential that you obtain systems that work reliably. At the same time, costs must be kept under control. Fortunately, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here to help you determine what the best system is for your business.

You probably understand that sprinkler systems activate after a fire is detected and shoot water onto the blaze. Our team offers fire sprinkler inspection as well as installation, so you can know how well your existing system works. We will examine the sprinkler system you have in place, and let you know if there are any code or safety violations. Contact the Fire Protection Group, Inc. today for help creating a fire protection plan and installing the best system for your building.