Tall buildings offer excellent solutions for companies that want economical office space. Working in an office building can allow employees to not only feel like they’re a part of a business’s team, but also provide an environment that can increase productivity. While there are many upsides to tall office buildings, there are some dangers that should be considered. One of these dangers is the possibility of a sudden fire. Luckily, Fire Protection Group Inc. has an excellent solution that can help fire fighters should a fire break out. That solution? Standpipes.

Standpipes are built into the infrastructure of a building, and they allow firefighters to plug their hoses directly into a waterline on the floor of an office building that is high above ground. They are sometimes referred to as a fire hydrant for an upper floor. Without a system of standpipes, firefighters are left with either spraying water from the ground into the building, or running a hose up the stairs. Both of these alternative options are generally considered to be less appealing than using a standpipe system.

Along with standpipes, Fire Protection Group Inc. also has various other fire prevention systems available, including fire sprinkler systems that can help to put out fires as soon as they occur. The team at Fire Protection Group Inc. can also help with NFPA25 testing which is important for testing things like dry standpipe systems, fire pumps, and water supply valves. These tests are important for maintaining the fire safety of not only an office building, but all of the individuals inside of it.