Standpipes and Other Fire Safety Measures at FPG, Inc.

At Fire Protection Group, Inc., you’ll find a team that is dedicated to providing global leadership in the fire protection industry. This is apparent in the expertise we display through projects that range from sprawling university campuses to office and residential buildings, as well as single family homes and even skyscrapers.

When most laypersons think of fire safety, most likely the first aspect that comes to mind is fire sprinkler systems. While these are undoubtedly a necessity, at FPG, Inc., we know that they are still only one aspect of effective defense against the ravages of uncontrolled fire. That’s why we offer a host of products, including fire pumps, emergency generators, fire extinguishers and standpipes.

In offices and high-rises, standpipes are among the most necessary technologies for defense against fire. In fact, you’ve probably come into regular contact with standpipes and never even knew it. These are nondescript knobs and valves on the exteriors or inside the stairway shafts of buildings that exist to get water for fighting fires upstairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Without standpipes, firefighters are forced to aim jets of water toward an open window, or run a fire hose laboriously up several flights of stairs, wasting time and water pressure. By using standpipes and a fire pump, though, high-pressured water can be pumped into a building of any height. At FPG, Inc., you’ll find impeccably crafted standpipes due to the ingenuity of our design team, as well as services like fie watch, consulting and even NFPA25 testing that ensure the effective defense against fire.