Standpipes and Other Fire Safety Materials from our Team

At Fire Protection Group, Inc., you’ll find a team that is focused on providing fire and life safety to residents throughout Southern California. This includes around-the-clock emergency services both during the warranty period and even afterwards for maintenance, parts, repairs, inspections and emergencies – a fact that allows business owners to rest easy knowing their investments are protected.

From fire sprinkler systems to emergency generators, extinguishers and fire pumps, FPG, Inc. has you covered in the event of uncontrolled fire. However, if you’re the owner or manager of a high-rise building, perhaps the most important fire safety measure provided by FPG, Inc. is our array of effective and optimally designed standpipes.

Standpipes exist in order to get water for fighting fire upstairs as quickly and efficiently as possible. They are most evident in everyday life, usually in the form of nondescript knobs and valves on the exteriors or inside the stairway shafts of buildings. Standpipes allow firefighters to properly aim jets of water toward an open window or run a fire hose laboriously up several flights of stairs without wasting time or water pressure.

At FPG, Inc., our Class I or combined standpipes provide firefighters with the necessary resources they need for effective firefighting, while our Class II wet stand pipes can be used for fire protection by any building occupant. Whether you require standpipes for your structure, or even fire watch, consulting and essential NFPA25 testing, you can do no better than to get in touch with the exceptional team at FPG, Inc.