Standpipes and Fire Protection

When it comes to fighting fires, any savings in time can be a huge boon for firefighters. More seconds to fight a fire doesn’t only mean less damage taken and cost incurred, but also more general safety and peace of mind for employees and residents. Standpipes can help to give firefighters more time to fight a fire by allowing them to produce a water source at the exact site of a fire, rather than having to run their hoses up a staircase or aim at the fire through a window from the street. And one company that knows standpipes better than most is Fire Protection Group Inc.

Fire Protection Group Inc. doesn’t only offer excellent standpipe systems however. They also offer top-notch fire sprinkler systems as well as numerous other components (like fire escape ladders and water pumps) to help provide the best possible security against fires for home and business owners. And, as most already know, the importance of fire sprinkler systems is hard to overstate. They can help to not only mitigate the damage a fire can do, but also give firefighters extra time to get from their station to the building or home that is currently being damaged by a fire.

Fire Protection Group Inc. can also help businesses with aspects of fire protection that aren’t directly related to fire-fighting components, like NFPA25 testing. NFPA25 testing is important not only because it helps to ensure that companies are compliant with governmental regulations, but also because it helps to test a given fire security system to make sure its ready for any fire event that may occur.