There are numerous aspects of fire prevention and safety that building owners and managers need to take into account. Some of these are fairly well known by the general public, like fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. Some systems are less well known however, like stand pipes. The team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is aware of almost every single fire prevention method on the market however, because they boast a dedicated team with over 200 years of combined experience. They can help with the basics, like installing and maintaining fire alarm systems or deliver top-tier stand pipes that will provide pressurized water to the upper floors of a tall building, should fire fighters need access to it.

For those who don’t know, stand pipes are one of the most useful fire prevention tools fire fighters have at their disposal. Stand pipes are a series of pipes that line a multistory building, and keep a constant source of pressurized water running through them. If a sudden fire were to break out, and the fire fighters needed to deal with a blaze on the upper floor of a building, they could simply plug their hoses into the stand pipe system, rather than either spraying through the window from the street, or running their heavy hoses up multiple flights of stairs.

Fire Protection Group, Inc., which is led by passionate professionals like general manager and chief engineer George Saadian , also offers fire sprinkler inspection that is ideal for those who want to make sure their sprinklers are in working order, so they can be relied upon when and if a real emergency were to take place.