Fires can obviously be one of the most damaging and dangerous events to occur inside of a building or home. They spread quickly, and can be extremely difficult to predict. Because of these reasons, fire prevention officials urge building owners and managers to do whatever can be done to reduce this threat, including investing in a sprinkler system where appropriate. And, for those who do decide to buy a fire sprinkler system, there’s the top-tier team at the Fire Protection Group, Inc. Led by Chief Engineer and President George Saadian, the team at the Fire Protection Group, Inc. knows about all facets of the fire prevention business, including everything from standpipes to fire alarm systems.

And, along with standpipes and fire alarm systems, Saadian and his team also know about an extensive range of other fire prevention measures like fire sprinkler systems and its related components. Fire sprinklers are critical, of course, because they help to deliver water immediately after a fire has broken out. This can give fire fighters precious extra time to arrive on scene, fight the blaze, and make sure everybody makes it out of the building okay. Fire sprinkler systems can, in some cases, even completely terminate a blaze before officials even arrive on scene.

NFPA25 testing can also be provided by Saadian and his team. NFPA25 is, in fact, just as important as the installation of fire protection systems, because it helps to identify defects in existing systems that need to be dealt with before an actual emergency occurs. NFPA25 testing is also important because it helps home and business owners to make sure that they’re in compliance with local and state laws, two areas of expertise that are second nature for Saadian and the Fire Protection Group, Inc.