Sprinkler Systems A Boon For Building Safety

Fire sprinkler systems are employed so thoughtfully in most buildings that it’s easy to forget about them. But much like airbags, or seatbelts, they serve an important safety purpose that becomes abundantly clear when an accident occurs. Few would argue that fire prevention is critical for businesses located in buildings that can often be dozens of stories high. But how many of these people would know about standpipes or NFPA testing? How many of these people have taken into the consideration the huge range of details involved in fire prevention?

There are aspects to fire safety and prevention that only experienced professionals take the time to consider. One of these experienced professionals is George Saadian, a man who has over three decades of experience dealing in fire safety. Saadian knows about everything from NFPA25 testing to building safety codes to fire alarm systems. He also studied fire prevention at UCLA, wrote a book on fire safety, and has made suggestions and contributions to NFPA standards. This is the kind of background a building owner or manager wants when they’re consulting a professional on sprinkler systems.

Along with understanding fire prevention, Saadian also knows how to build a team. That’s why he’s hired experts at the Fire Protection Group Inc. who know how important fire sprinkler systems are for office buildings. Sprinkler systems can make employees feel safer, and can actually make them safer in the case of a sudden fire. They fight fires soon after the fires have broken out, and they give firefighters precious extra minutes to get to the site.