Sounding the Alarm on Alarm Maintenance

While most buildings are equipped with fire alarms, most people take these systems for granted and assume that they will always work when needed. The truth of the matter is that all fire safety systems, including fire alarm systems, need regular inspections to ensure that they will work properly in the event of a fire. A properly working system can be the difference between life and death, especially in a large multi-level building with numerous workers or residents.

In addition to the alarm systems, it is also crucial to enlist the services of a fire protection firm like Fire Protection Group Inc. to test the fire sprinkler systems and the pumps that they rely on for water pressure. Fire pump testing is especially important, because with improperly functioning pumps, the correct sprinklers will not receive enough water pressure to control the spread of a fire.

While many of our clients whose buildings were already equipped with these systems rely on us strictly for our testing abilities, we are also a full service firm capable of designing and installing these systems. Our engineering team, led by renowned fire safety expert George Saadian, has installed fire safety equipment to protect over 30 million square feet of building space. Mr. Saadian is so knowledgeable about the fire code that he has even written some of the current NFPA code. He is sure to pass all of this knowledge down to his staff, so you can be sure that every employee of Fire Protection Group Inc. working with your business knows exactly what he or she is doing.