Regular Inspections for Safe Evacuations

Building managers should never take for granted that fire safety systems, especially ones more than a couple years old, will work properly if they have not been recently expected. Like all electrical equipment, even fairly simple fire alarm systems can be susceptible to partially or fully failing to alert residents or workers in a building of a fire. To ensure that all of the occupants of a building will be safe and able to evacuate in the case of a fire, it is important for Los Angeles building owners to enlist the help of a full service fire protection firm like Fire Protection Group Inc. to take care of all of their fire safety equipment installation and inspection needs.

Fire Protection Group’s engineering team, led by fire safety expert George Saadian, has installed equipment for over 30 million square feet of building space, and can come up with innovative and effective custom solutions for nearly any type of building. They even take many common concerns including aesthetics into consideration when drafting the plans for the system. The fact that they have so much experience working with these systems means that their inspections are informed by practical experience with the equipment.

In addition to the testing of fire alarm systems, Fire Protection Group also conducts fire pump testing to ensure that all of the sprinkler systems in the building have sufficient water pressure to control the spread of a fire. Without testing, whoever is responsible for the upkeep of the building’s safety equipment may not find out about a fault in the system until it is too late.