Reg 4 Testing Is a Critical Component of L.A. Fire Safety

Reg 4 testing is considered by many in the L.A. fire protection industry to be a key piece of an overall fire protection plan. This means that Reg 4 testing is naturally taken quite seriously by the Los Angeles Fire Department. Luckily, if you’re looking to prepare yourself for Reg 4 testing, then there are fire protection companies that can help to make sure your systems are in order: fire protection companies like the widely respected Fire Protection Group, Inc. This noted firm offers significant help in preparing for Reg 4 testing, and its customer service department will do everything in their power to make sure that you are happy with your overall experience.

One of the most obvious reasons to go with Fire Protection Group, Inc. over the competition is due to its leadership. The team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is led by George Saadian, Al Hernandez, and Captain Bob Holloway. And because both Hernandez and Holloway are former high-ranking Los Angeles Fire Department officials, you can be certain that they know all the best ways to prepare your building for Regulation #4 testing.

The bottom line: If you own or manage a large building in the Greater Los Angeles Area, and are looking for anything from fire sprinkler systems to standpipe systems to fire escape assembly systems to, of course, Regulation #4 testing, then you’ll want to contact the expert team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. before you contact any other fire protection service in the area. Reach out to Fire Protection Group, Inc. today via the phone or web to have any questions you may have.