Your focus as a business owner is making money. But if you need fire protection, the cheapest system options may not be the best. At Fire Protection Group, Inc., our installation teams are staffed by industry experts who know all of the details on the latest and best alarm systems, sprinkler systems, stand pipes, and other parts of a fire protection system, so you can know beyond a doubt that your building and your employees are safe from fires. 

Led by noted engineer and fire safety authority George Saadian, Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers the latest advances in fire alarm systems, which we can inspect and install for you. We know that your employees or residents must immediately know when to evacuate a burning building, but we understand that it is equally important to alert the fire department as soon as possible to stop the blaze.

If you manage or own a commercial building, you’ve probably undergone routine inspections from the fire department. With the help of retired LAFD Captain Bob Holloway and former LAFD Chief Al Hernandez, our team of expert inspectors is fully informed of all the most up to date industry standards and advances. Our fire sprinkler inspection team can not only ensure you are up to code, but let you know about any new technology that could help keep your employees and your building safer in the event of a fire as well as developments that can stop fires before they start.  Contact Fire Protection Group, Inc. today and let us help you protect your business.