Prometheus and the Original Mixed Blessing

Fire Protection Group, Inc. has been helping businesses and residences make the most of their fire safety systems for years. Part of the reason for their effectiveness is that they have developed a keen awareness of both the benefits and dangers of fire.

Probably most people dealing with the question of which of the many available fire alarm systems are best for their office or home haven't spent much time contemplating the myth of Prometheus, but it's a story worth considering. In the story, Prometheus was a Titan, a sort of demigod in Greek mythology, who gave fire to man. Zeus was so infuriated by his providing man with such power that the ruler of Mount Olympus sentenced the Titan to a gruesome eternal punishment. Even so, Prometheus is a celebrated figure and a benefactor of mankind, at least on balance.

At FPG Inc., we know that proper fire sprinkler systems and alarms to protect lives and property in the event of a fire have to coexist with stoves, pilot lights, heating systems, and many other proper and necessary uses of fire. Whether you are a managing a large residence or a business involving food preparation on a massive scale, we know how to help you employ the Promethean power of fire in a thoughtful way that minimizes the risk of a potentially devastating fire.

From installation and sales of standpipes and fire escape ladders to fire sprinkler inspection needed to ensure that systems stay up to code at all time, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here to ensure that the gift of Prometheus remains a gift, and never a curse.