Premier Fire Protection Consultations Available at FPG, Inc.

Known for their expertly crafted, turnkey solutions for fire alarm systems and sprinklers, Fire Protection Group, Inc. also employs leaders in the field who offer their services as fire safety contractors. From lead engineer George Saadian to the former Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) members who help make up FPG, Inc.'s staff, the whole team offers their over 200 years of combined experience in the industry to those who need assistance with any fire safety, alarm, or sprinkler systems in their residential, commercial, or industrial spaces.

After all, Fire Protection Group, Inc. team pools together some of the greatest experts in the industry from diverse backgrounds. They offer an in-house attorney who specializes in laws pertaining to fire sprinklers and construction, with experience in representing clients at city hearings. FPG, Inc. employs many pipe fitting experts who are incredibly well-versed on local, statewide, and national codes. These regulations, as set forth by the LAFD, California Office of the State Fire Marshall, and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), are the essential standards for which any sprinkler and alarm systems need to be help. Finally, Fire Protection Group, Inc. has an expert who purchases the finest materials and products so that the company can create and offer the finest sprinklers, alarms, and fire pumps for sale.

To learn more about the Fire Protection Group, Inc. team and their incredible skillset, visit the Staff page in the About FPG menu. There, you'll see detailed accounts of the staff's experience and track record when it comes to providing the finest fire protection equipment in the industry!