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Portable Fire Pumps

There are many reasons to need portable fire pumps. Luckily, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is capable of helping you with any of these reasons and more:

Residential Use

Private homes, especially ranches and farms, often need portable fire pumps to ensure the safety of their property and goods. Portable pumps can be rigged up to your water system and then quickly brought to where a fire may be starting. Fire Protection Group, Inc. can help find you the fire pumps for sale that are perfectly appropriate for your type of residential property. We'll even help you get your water pipe system up to par so that it can properly funnel water into your portable fire pump.

Commercial Use

Fire departments and volunteer organizations may need supplemental fire protection equipment for their duties. The team here at Fire Protection Group, Inc. can help you find the perfect pump for this. Furthermore, outdoor entertainment companies and similar businesses could require fire pumps to keep their operations in line with local and state laws. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is not only aware of rules governing these things; we can also help you meet these standards.

Offices, in rare cases, may require portable fire pumps. Generally, though, Fire Protection Group, Inc. recommends permanent fire pumps in place for the best fire protection. If you have a system in place, we can perform fire pump testing as well.

Fire Watch

For one-time events, you may be considering purchasing fire pumps to protect your attendees. You may want to consider Fire Protection Group's fire watch services, which is bound to be cheaper than buying a portable fire pump.

For answers to these queries and more, call someone at Fire Protection Group, Inc. at (888) 251-3488 or through our online contact page.

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