When it comes to safety and security what are the most important qualities of a service provider? Here at Fire Protection Group, Inc., we believe those qualities are skill, expertise, and experience. When it comes to fire safety and control, few groups are able to rival the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. We have over 100 years of combined experience, and have worked with a wide range of clients in virtually every building style and structure. We work closely with each and every client to help them determine the ideal fire control system that meets their specific needs and requirements, from fire sprinklers to smoke alarms, and we will always ensure that you are code compliant and up to maximum safety standards.

Because our group is so highly experience, we’re able to identify your specific needs to provide you the exact system you need, and nothing else. Fire Protection Group, Inc. believes that the best system can meet requirements and promote safety while also remaining affordable. That’s why we’re a contractor of choice for anyone looking for range of systems which includes fire pumps for sale at reasonable rates. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is also a full service fire control contractor meaning we can handle your every need from purchasing, to installation, to monitoring. This saves you from having to go through multiple contractors giving you back time and money. For the best services available in fire control, from inspection to quality fire alarm systems, our team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is at your service.