Our Team at FPG, Inc. Provides World-Class Fire Safety

At Fire Protection Group, Inc., we’re focused on providing a long-term commitment to clients in need of fire and life safety in Southern California. That means performing maintenance, repairs, inspections, alterations for a variety of products – including fire sprinkler systems, generators, extinguishers and standpipes – for each of our customers.

Though most people are familiar with fire extinguishers and sprinklers, they may be less aware of the importance of standpipes. While standpipes appear as nondescript knobs and valves on the exterior or inside the stairway shafts of buildings, the truth is that standpipes are actually a common element of everyday life that are essential for fire safety. Essentially, standpipes allow firefighters to aim jets of water toward open windows, or run a fire hose up many flights of stairs without wasting time or valuable water pressure.

When firefighters are able to blast a fire directly with highly pressurized jets of water, the result can be dramatic. Perhaps most importantly, at FPG, Inc., you can rest assured that the standpipes we provide will be reliable and impeccably designed by our award-winning engineering department. We only employ the finest designers and engineers at FPG, Inc., and the department has one of the most complete code libraries of various municipalities.

We also use Auto-CAD, which raises the accuracy of the work we do, translating to savings for every customer. If you require a renovated or newly designed fire safety system, as well as NFPA25 testing and other essential services, you can do no better than to get in touch with our team at FPG. Inc.