Whether you manage a residential building or run a commercial office space, you know how serious fire inspectors are about staying up to code on fire safety, and for good reason. That’s why it’s essential to be sure your building is fully compliant with all fire codes and as safe as possible. For decades of experience installing and inspecting sprinkler systems, fire alarms, stand pipes, and other integral parts of your fire protection system, contact Fire Protection Group, Inc. 

Leading our team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is George Saadian, a fire safety industry expert with not only three decades of experience working with business owners, but numerous published articles on the topic. He coauthored a book on fire safety and, together with retired LAFD Fire Chief Al Hernandez, helped the National Fire Protection Association revise their codes. Because Mr. Saadian helped write fire protection standards for the industry, he understands just what’s involved in implementing the best fire safety system standards for you and your company.

We install fire alarm systems that are not only up to code, but up to our own high standards. These systems alert residents or employees quickly when a fire breaks out, ensuring lives are protected. The alarm system also directly contacts the fire department, so they can arrive more quickly to extinguish the blaze, limiting the damage and potentially saving lives.

You can trust our fire sprinkler inspection team to thoroughly examine your existing sprinkler and alarm system, and ensure you are not only up to code, but have the latest updates to your fire safety system. We are here to discuss in detail with you what your system needs to protect both lives and property.