Omega Sprinklers: The Recall Effect Lingers

 The 1998 recall of the heads of certain types of Omega sprinklers may have been a generation ago, but its effect still lingers as owners and managers of certain find that their fires sprinklers may not be in working order. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here to say that ensuring your sprinklers are in order is extremely important, but it’s also can be a complicated matter. That’s because not all Omega sprinklers are under the recall and some may function correctly, while others obviously may not. Also, the best type of replacement for them is an extremely important matter once it’s been determined that they must be replaced.

Addressing recalled fire safety products is just one small part of what we do here at Fire Protection Group, Inc. We are a full service consulting firm that supervises the installation, testing, and management of all fire-related measures at a broad range of commercial and residential properties. When our customers express their satisfaction with our work, they typically make mention of our widely respected membership and our commitment to an effective, yet cost-efficient, approach to fire safety.

Our team is led by three highly respect veterans, all of whom have outstanding reputations in the field and two of which are noted veterans of the Los Angeles Fire Department. Al Hernandez is a retired LAFD chief and Captain Bob Holloway is respected LAFD veteran who was once in charge of construction services for the department. Our general manager and lead engineer is George Saadian, himself a noted expert and author who personally has helped to revise a great many of the fire codes currently in place.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. wants you to know that fire safety is both a legal and ethical duty, but that it can be managed in a cost effective manner. To get started, contact us today by telephone or e-mail.