Omega Sprinklers Recall: A Fire Protection Issue

When Omega sprinklers were first recalled some time ago, it created a major issue for many owners and managers who were concerned about the level of fire safety at their properties. Fortunately, there is a great deal the experienced and highly professional team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. can do to remedy the issues that have been left in the aftermath of this recall. It’s not simply a matter of replacing the recalled sprinklers, which were impacted by O-rings that tended to degrade over time, it’s a matter of looking at an entire fire safety plan to ensure that it is up to snuff.

It’s no small matter. Of course, most of us realize instinctively that threat of a fire is an extremely serious matter, but we may not always consider exactly how many measures are needed to lower the odds of a fire starting and then to reduce the damage and possible threat to human life should a fire begin despite preventive steps. That’s why such steps as ensuring not only the best possible fire sprinklers but also everything from standpipes for larger buildings – which help ensure that firefighters have access to water when and where they need it – to working fire escapes and clearly marked paths to exits is so incredibly crucial.

At Fire Protection Group, Inc. we’re led by some of the brightest minds in the business. These include our widely respected general manager and lead engineer George Saadian, not to mention two noted veterans of the LAFD (Los Angeles Fire Department): retired chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway. Let these respected professionals help you deal with all of the difficulties that come with fire protection in today’s complex world.