No One Knows the Code Better

When looking for a fire safety firm to outfit your building or business, it’s important to contract a firm that knows the fire safety code inside and out. Complying with local regulations aside, the fire safety code is written the way it is for a reason, and following it to a “T” gives your building the best chance of containing a fire is one ever does break out. Luckily, Fire Protection Group Inc.’s George Saadian has an incredibly strong academic background when it comes to the design and implementation of fire sprinkler systems, and has even written some of the currently standing National Fire Protection Association code governing fire preparedness. Mr. Saadian makes sure that this knowledge and experience is passed down to every member of the company, from the engineers designing the systems, to the people carrying out an individual fire sprinkler inspection.

At Fire Protection Group, we do all of the work in house, from design to installation, so you don’t have to worry about a variety of sub-contractors at different stages of the job. And, in addition to fire sprinklers, we also can install fire alarm systems that are crucial in alerting the residents or employees of a building that a fire has broken out. These systems, just like the sprinklers, also require regular inspections once installed to make sure that they do their job in the event of a fire. When you trust your equipment inspections to Fire Protection Group Inc., you can be sure that your building will be fully equipped to control the damage from a fire if one ever does occur.