NFPA Inspection is Necessary and Valuable

Fire sprinkler systems can make all the difference between the kind of devastating fire that can engulf a building – or more than one building – and a relatively minor incident. To ensure that such systems are working, NFPA inspection is both necessary and valuable. That’s why you want to work with highly experienced experts like the team at Fire Protection Group Inc. to ensure that anti-fire fire systems are both fully effective and compliant with all relevant building codes.

It’s not a job for amateurs, and that’s fine with use. We are comprised of top-level firefighting professionals who fully understand the details of both preventing fires and mitigating the destruction caused by them. Making sure that lives and property are protected is a legal, ethical, and fiduciary responsibility that owners and managers are faced with, and we take that these matters extremely seriously.

Of course, handling matters relating to fire requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. Our team is led by some of the most respected figures in Los Angeles fire protection community, including two noted veterans of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) -- retired chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway, formerly responsible for supervising construction services at the department. What this means is that, whether the topic at hand is NFPA Inspection or some other matter, Fire Protection Group Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide outstanding services for all owners and managers of rental and business properties of all types and all sizes. To get started, contact us today by e-mail or telephone.