NFPA Inspection Is Available Now at Fire Protection Group, Inc.

When it comes to protecting office buildings, apartment complexes, and other large structures in the Greater Los Angeles Area, there are multiple angles to take into consideration. Protecting a building against the ravages of a sudden fire outbreak, of course, depends on protection measures like fire sprinkler systems and fire alarms, but regular testing of those systems is vitally important. That’s where Fire Protection Group, Inc. enters the picture. This L.A.-based firm can provide support for installation as well as the necessary preparation for testing processes such as NFPA inspection and Reg 4 testing.

If you haven’t heard of Reg 4 testing, it’s a type of testing that the Los Angeles Fire Department undertakes in order to make sure that any given building is adequately prepared for a sudden fire outbreak. These tests need to be passed, for the sake of compliance with all the relevant fire codes, as well as general safety.

Fire Protection Group, Inc., and its core leadership team made up of Al Hernandez, Captain Bob Holloway, and George Saadian, can help to make sure you’re prepared for these tests, which means you won’t have to worry about passing them and dealing with random and unwanted maintenance and repair issues. Both Hernandez and Holloway are also former high-ranking LAFD members, which means they fully understand how testing works and what is needed to successfully deal with it.

If you think your building may require some preparation for NFPA25 testing or Reg 4 testing soon, contact the expert team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. They’ll do everything in their power to make sure you’re protected against sudden fires, as well as various regulations testing.