While many office buildings, businesses, and residential buildings employ fire sprinkler systems to prevent the potential outbreak of a fire, it is essential that these systems are properly inspected and maintained. Fortunately, we at Fire Protection Inc. are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to maintaining all types of corrosion in various sprinkler types, especially microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), which can be particularly damaging to these systems. Microbiologically influenced corrosion is often a contributing force in corrosion of wet, dry and pre-action fire sprinkler systems, which can quickly lead to deterioration. If neglected, corrosion in a sprinkler system can even become a safety hazard. What’s more, its effects can be extremely costly; unscheduled fire system shutdowns, high repair and replacement costs, imposed fines, and the increased risk of injury associated with a corroded sprinkler system are all serious, albeit preventable, issues if MIC is handled quickly and professionally.

One of the most significant indicators of microbiologically induced corrosion is common “pinhole” leaks in the sprinkler system pipes. Other symptoms of MIC include smelly or black water as well as tubercles (mounds on pipe wall). While a number of these symptoms have long been regarded as typical and relatively minor, this is quickly changing. In fact, this type of corrosion has only become more prevalent in recent years, which costs the fire protection industry millions of dollars each year.

The good news is that, through comprehensive inspection, assessment, mitigation, and communication, we at Fire Protection Group Inc. are able to support our clients in combatting all types of corrosion in their fire sprinkler systems in Los Angeles and beyond. Our MIC test includes evaluating for: bacteria, acid producing bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria, low nutrient bacteria, iron related bacteria and slime forming bacteria.


Working with Fire Protection Group Inc.


Fire Protection Group Inc.'s proven leadership in the fire protection industry and its combined 200 years of fire protection experience will provide corrosion awareness, education, and preventative care services. We have the expertise and experience to fully assess your fire sprinkler system before corrosion can have the chance to damage your building and valuable assets.

Protect your property, people, and assets with Fire Protection Group Inc.’s corrosion management program before any catastrophic system failure can occur. As bona fide fire safety consultants who provide regularly scheduled inspections and testing, we can ensure optimal system performance, maximum insurance savings, as well as regulatory compliance. If you think that corrosion of any sort may be occurring in your fire sprinkler system, get in touch with us as soon as possible via phone or by email to schedule an inspection. Our highly knowledgeable and courteous staff looks forward to helping you meet and exceed your fire protection needs.