Make Safety your Business’ Priority

Ultimately, a business is all about making money. But, it is impossible for the owners and workers in that business to enjoy that money without their health and security. That is why the number one priority for every business, before profit, should be the safety of their workers. One of the greatest risks to any worker is a fire that may break out in their office or a neighboring office. It is therefore the obligation of the building owner to outfit the building with the appropriate fire safety equipment including well-functioning fire sprinkler systems. Luckily, Fire Protection Group has over 200 years of combined experience designing, building and installing fire sprinkler systems designed to control and contain workplace fires.

They also offer installation of fire alarm systems that are vital in helping workers or residents of a building evacuate before it is too late. These alarms can also be connected to the local fire station so that, when a fire breaks out, the firefighters can be alerted more efficiently than by using the traditional 911 route.

And, for business owners that already have all of the proper fire safety systems on their premises, they can always call Fire Protection Group to schedule a fire sprinkler inspection to ensure that the sprinklers are working properly and with the right distribution of pressure at the time of a fire. Fire Protection Group is staffed by a combination of advanced engineers and fire department veterans, who all contribute their different expert opinions to create a multi-disciplinary approach to fire safety that can’t be beat.