Los Angeles Sprinkler Installation is Often Essential

By the time we’re perhaps one or two years old, we know that fire is dangerous and that water will put it out. Still, ensuring that fires can be put out by water as quickly as possible is anything but child’s play. Los Angeles sprinkler installation from Fire Protection Group, Inc. is just one of the many services we offer which can make an enormous difference when it comes to protecting lives and property. After all, fire sprinklers can’t be installed just anywhere. Moreover, once they are installed appropriately, they need to be tested on a regular basis to ensure that they are still working properly.

Sprinklers are just part of the story, of course. For larger multistory buildings, standpipes are often needed to bring water to higher floors for access by firefighters. Fire extinguishers are, of course, a non-water based means of stopping relatively small fires before they become raging infernos, but what kind to get and where to place them…and how to assure that they will still be working a year or two down the road…can be more complicated matters than you might expect.

Fortunately, our team here at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is comprised of some eye of the leading experts in the field.  George Saadian, our general manager and lead engineer, has personally helped to revise many of the fire codes currently on the books and is a widely respected expert and author on fire-related issues. We’re also proud to have two outstanding former members of the Los Angeles Fire Department on our roster: retired chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway. All in all, our team is our most prized asset.

To find out more about Fire Protection Group, Inc. can do to help you fulfill your responsibilities to the safety of lives and property, contact us today.