Less Well Known Fire Protection Factors

When it comes to dealing with a sudden outbreak of fire in your home or office, there are some methods of dealing with the emergency that seem obvious and come to mind easily. These include things like fire alarm, and fire sprinkler, systems. There are however, many other systems and mechanisms that are available for protecting yourself against fire damage. Luckily, there are experts in the field of fire protection, like those who make up the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc., who are determined to make sure as many people as possible get a full fire protection package.

Mechanisms like standpipes for example, can help a great deal in the event of a fire occurring in an office building by providing a pressurized water system for firefighters to tap into at higher floors in the office building. This can be hugely beneficial, because it means that firefighters don’t have to spray water in through the windows from street level, nor do they have to run long, heavy hoses up multiple flights of stairs.

Well-known fire prevention systems are also, of course, available from Fire Protection Group, Inc. They include fire sprinkler systems as well as fire alarm systems, and fire escape ladders. And, on top of both the obvious and less-obvious fire protection systems, the Fire Protection Group, Inc. also offers NFPA25 testing for building owners who need to pass mandated inspections.

Ultimately, regardless of what you’re looking for in the fire-protection arena, you should speak with the expert team at the Fire Protection Group Inc. first. Headed up by former leaders of the Los Angeles Fire Department, as well as the renowned lead engineer and general manager George Saadian, it’s nearly impossible to find a more dedicated and knowledgeable team in the Southern California area.