Fire Protection Group, Inc. has over 100 years of combined experience and no team in our field takes fire control more seriously. Our goal is to help the Los Angeles area business and residential properties to remain protected from the spread and outbreak of deadly urban fires. To help building owners stay code compliant, we provide high quality fire control systems including fire sprinklers to meet any need. Our team has experience working in virtually any and every structure from high rises to office buildings, government facilities, and medical complexes, and we know exactly what you need to stand up to fire regulations and how to keep your occupants and your property safe.

Because our team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. works closely with each and every client, we’re able to identify exactly what you need – and will provide you with nothing you don’t – in order to save you money. We understand that while you might need up to date and functional fire alarm systems that you might not need stand pipes. We’ll inspect your building to identify gaps in your coverage, or to make sure that what you do have runs optimally. We’re a full service fire control contractor, and offer services from installation to monitoring to help prevent you from having to visit multiple locations for your fire control needs. Whether you need to ensure that your building is code compliant, or you’re looking for fire control systems like fire pumps for sale at reasonable prices, our team is you’ll find every service you need.