Knowledge is Key to Fire Prevention

The primary advantage human beings have in fire safety and prevention comes down to one very obvious point: fire can't think, but people can. From installing the finest possible fire sprinkler systems, to enforcing complete inspection regimes of alarm systems, to ensuring that equipment is operative and compliant with all the relevant codes, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here to provide complete, turn-key fire protection services.

Knowledge is crucial, but so is experience, and the FPG, Inc. team boasts almost 200 years of collective firefighting and prevention experience. General manager and lead engineer George Saadian is one of the field's most respected experts on fire protection and a published author. Chief consultant Al Hernandez is a retired Los Angeles Fire Department Chief and a 32-year veteran of the department who led the department's Fire Prevention Bureau. Finally, retired LAFD Captain Bob Holloway was the head of the department's construction services office, charged with approval and oversight of all construction projects in Los Angeles – a truly vast responsibility. From providing the correct equipment to ensuring that it is properly maintained with an outstanding fire sprinkler inspection regimen, no group of professionals in the field of fire prevention has more knowledge of how to prevent fires and ensure compliance with the relevant codes and regulations.

To put it simply, water hoses and standpipes might dampen fires, and fire alarm systems might alert occupants that they need to leave a building threatened by a fire, but only the human mind can fight a fire. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here to offer you not only complete, full-service fire protection services, but the brain power of the most thoughtful and experienced minds in the field.