Keeping Pressure on Fire Safety

The difference between having a building that is properly equipped for the outbreak of a fire, and an unfit building can literally be the difference between life and death. This is why we will never, ever stop stressing the importance of fire preparedness, and encouraging our friends and neighbors to equip their businesses with all of the best systems including fire sprinklers and fire alarm systems. Even for businesses that have these systems installed, it is crucial that they call for a fire sprinkler inspection to make sure that their system is working properly.

One of the biggest differences between working fire sprinkler systems and one that will fail to do its job is if there is enough water pressure going to whichever sprinklers need it most. In Hollywood movies, whenever there is a fire in a building, all of the sprinklers in a large room go off at once, drenching the entire area. Yet, in reality, the best systems are ones the send all of the water just to the select few sprinklers that are needed to control the flames. Especially in tall buildings, the way to ensure that you have the correct water pressure is to install and properly inspect standpipes, the pipes responsible for quickly carrying the water up to the higher levels of the building. Firefighters also rely on these pipes to connect their hoses to on upper floors so that they can fight the fires from inside the building, putting out the flame at its source.