Keep your Property Protected by with Experts in Fire Safety

While most people today are aware of the importance of fire sprinkler systems and extinguishers for ensuring prevention of uncontrolled fire, these are only a few of the many essential elements of necessary fire safety. Just as important is the availability of working fire pumps and standpipes – the valves that are necessary to transport water throughout a building as quickly and efficiently as possible for fighting fires. Without stand pipes, firefighters can only aim jets of water toward an open window or struggle to run a fire hose up several flights of stairs, which wastes time and water pressure.

When firefighters are able to blast a fire directly with high pressure jets of water, the result is dramatic and effective – and this is precisely what a well-working standpipe will allow. At FPG, Inc., we provide and install Class I and Class II wet stand pipes, which can be used by any occupant in the event that a fire emergency arises. These measures can go a long way toward ensuring your building is safe, secure and up to code when undergoing necessary Regulation #4, Title #19 and NFPA25 testing.

The team at FPG, Inc. has over 200 years of combined experience, and our completed projects range from sprawling university campuses to office and residential buildings, even skyscrapers and centers of commerce. Though the fire danger in Southern California is greater today than ever before, the work of the team at FPG, Inc. ensures that your properties – and those under your care – are always protected from the threat of fire.