Keep the Water Flowing With Fire Pump Inspections

Many people incorrectly assume that just because they have a properly installed fire sprinkler system, that system will always do its job whenever a fire might break out. The key to a successful fire sprinkler system is a properly functioning fire pump to deliver the necessary water pressure exactly where and when it is needed. With fire pump testing from Fire Protection Group Inc., you can be sure that your system will be working properly exactly when you need it most.

While many people assume from movies that a properly functioning fire sprinkler system shoots out a high volume of water from every sprinkler in a room, a good system utilizes localized smoke detectors to focus all of the water pressure on the area around the fire, so the water goes where it is most needed. It takes an expert mind to design systems like this, but Fire Protection Group Inc. has the best in the business with head engineer George Saadian. Mr. Saadian has a stellar academic and practical understanding of fire safety, and has even written some of the currently standing NFPA fire code.

In addition to designing fire sprinkler systems, Fire Protection Group is also relied on by many local businesses to install and inspect fire alarm systems that prove crucial in letting the occupants of a building know that a fire has broken out. Just like sprinkler systems, fire alarms require regular inspection to ensure that they will properly alert every resident or worker in a building to the presence of a fire.