As a building manager or developer, you know how complex fire safety can be. You also very likely understand that fire is a serious matter and you need to be sure you are doing everything possible to ensure fire safety. Of course, money is always a concern. That’s why combining fire safety with efficiency is the watchword of the highly respected safety experts at Fire Protection Group, Inc.

Our lead engineer and general manager is George Saadian, a noted authority on fire safety. In his three decades in the field he has helped innumerable companies to maximize their fire safety investment while also helping to revise NFPA standards. Together with former LAFD Chief Al Hernandez and retired LAFD Captain Bob Holloway, George Saadian, he leads the most respected fire safety team in Southern California.  Indeed, our fire sprinkler inspection team is among the best in the nation. They can examine your existing system and recommend upgrades to keep property and personnel as safe as possible, so you can rest easy knowing your investment will be well protected.

FPG, Inc. also expertly installs fire alarm systems, so your employees or residents will be quickly alerted to any fires that start in the building. Our alarm system will also contact the fire department immediately, so you don’t have to rely on an employee contacting 9-1-1. This helps speed up the response to the blaze, and allows your employees or residents to focus on getting out safely.

Whether you need new stand pipes to the top of your skyscraper, or a new alarm system, Fire Protection Group, Inc. knows that you want your employees, residents, and business protected.