Innovation at the Center of Fire Protection Group's Successes

We are much more susceptible to the dangers of fire than we might often realize. Whether you are lighting a candle or preparing a pot of tea, fire can catch you off guard and spread rapidly. Before you know it, a situation can unfold that is beyond your control to contain. In instances like these, it is vital for safety-conscious homeowners to protect their loved ones and prized possessions with one of Fire Protection Group Inc.'s state of the art fire sprinkler systems.

Fire Protection Group Inc., a leading provider of fire alarm systems in Los Angeles, offers a highly innovative and intuitive approach to the design and installation of its sprinklers. The sum total of Fire Protection Group's installation projects covered over 30 million square feet—a breathtaking accomplishment. Of course, undertakings like these aren't quite as surprising when you consider the combined expertise of the men who manage Fire Protection Group Inc. With general manager and lead engineer George Saadian at the helm for thirty years, it is no wonder that this esteemed fire sprinkler inspection has found such success in Southern California.

Whether you want to protect your home or place of business, Fire Protection Group Inc. offers a wide variety of fire alarm systems and installation packages. If you are interested in an evaluation and appraisal of your primary safety needs, this world-class sprinkler systems institution offers free testing and consultations to all customers who call their offices. Fire extinguishers, escape ladders, fire pumps and emergency generators are also available in the comprehensive safety packages offered by Fire Protection Group.