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Industrial Fire Protection

There are few matters as important for a business to handle thoughtfully as industrial fire protection. While it is obviously crucial to comply with all federal, state, and local regulations regarding fire safety, the fact of the matter is that any company’s most crucial assets are seriously at risk in the event of a fire – starting with employees and customers. Clearly, industrial fire protection is a serious matter and you want serious people to work with -- such as the staff at Fire Protection Group, Inc.

George Saadian, our general manager and lead engineer, is a widely respected industry veteran with decades of experience to his credit who actually helped revise many of the state and local building codes in regards to fire safety. Al Hernandez is a retired fire chief with more than 32 years of experience behind him in the LAFD. He is an acknowledged expert on fire suppression and a veteran of countless fire investigations. With regard to fire protection systems in Los Angeles, few people are more qualified to provide businesses with a more realistic appraisal in regards to their industrial fire protection situation.

Whether the subject is alarms, fire sprinklers, standpipes, or fire alarm and warning systems, Fire Protection Group, Inc. should be the first resource owners and managers of both small and large business consult. Our specialty is helping clients to decide precisely what fire suppression system  and fire prevention techniques will most efficiently provide both code compliance and safety for staff, customers, and property.

To explore your company’s requirements for fire systems in Los Angeles and elsewhere, please call 888-732-4200 or submit a proposal request now.

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