How to Meet Fire Rules: Hire Those Who Helped Write Them

Fire protection requirements, like many government regulations, can be mysterious. Any property owner or manager can find themselves wondering why a certain rule is mandatory, and who is responsible for making it so. Considering installation of new fire alarm systems, or just having a need to meet newly changed fire protection laws, the best way to ensure every angle is covered is by hiring people who helped establish them. Fire Protection Group, Inc. proudly employs experts who were involved with drafting fire protection regulations.

For instance, the founder and lead engineer of Fire Protection Group, Inc., George Saadian, drafted many of the standards and code revisions now applied by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which regulates the inspection, testing and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems such as fire sprinklers.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. also employs a retired Los Angeles Fire Department chief and captain with keen knowledge of regulations. Retired LAFD Chief Al Hernandez wrote several codes and oversaw the Fire Prevention Bureau. Retired fire Captain Bob Holloway was in charge of construction services with the LAFD, and he now offers his expertise in fire prevention construction projects by FPG.Additionally, various fire department officials regularly consult with FPG fire sprinkler designer Tim Alvarado due to his knowledge of fire codes.

Expertise by these Fire Protection Group, Inc. professionals is available to assist with any fire protection need, including offering consulting services. For example, say you’re reviewing fire pumps for sale. Not many people are experts to differentiate between fire pumps, or understand what constitutes a fair price. With any fire protection product, or to adhere to any fire protection regulation, it’s best to turn to professionals who have worked with them.