Whether you need updates to an existing fire safety system, or a whole new alarm system installed, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here for you. Led by industry expert George Saadian, along with former LAFD Chief Al Hernandez and retired LAFD Captain Bob Holloway, our team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. has the knowledge, training, and experience to keep your building safe in the event of a fire. 

As a business owner, making money is one of your first priorities, but the safety of your employees and your investment must be a top priority at all times. Our fire alarm systems and expert installers have a complete understanding of all fire codes, as well as the most recent advances in fire safety technology to help secure your employees or residents.

An example is that one of the most overlooked but most valuable parts of a sprinkler system is the winding trail of stand pipes. These barely noticeable pipes and values can be found outside of buildings and along interior service corridors and stairwells. Firefighters use this system to pump water to the tops of tall buildings. Otherwise, firefighters must aim their hoses at the top floors, or run up stairs with their hoses, wasting water pressure and valuable firefighting time.

Fire safety is a complex, multifaceted matter. Contact our leading fire sprinkler inspection team for a thorough inspection of your existing safety system. Our team can discuss updates to your system, or the benefit of remodeling if necessary. Don’t let a sudden fire harm your business, contact Fire Protection Group, Inc. today.