Get Help with Fire Pump Testing Requirements in Los Angeles

Fire pumps are essential to any structure’s fire protection system, so the need for consistent inspections is obvious. In Los Angeles, it is imperative since Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Regulation #4 requires annual inspection and testing. Fire Protection Group, Inc. of Los Angeles presents a staff with a cumulative 200 years of experience in fire protection to ensure your property meets all local and statewide codes and regulations for fire alarm systems and other fire protection measures.

Governmental fire protection regulations can be tricky, and the broad expertise of Fire Protection Group, Inc. helps with consulting and fire pump testing. Everyone is aware of the fire sprinklers they see inside rooms and buildings; but for buildings especially those with multiple stories a fire pump is what ensures the sprinklers will work when needed.

Los Angeles standards for fire pump testing vary depending on your system. Fire Protection Group, Inc. includes personnel who retired from the LAFD and were involved with the process to write and create fire codes, so we can provide expert consultation regarding your fire pump testing requirements. We can get your fire pump testing done quickly, affordably and effectively.

Many on the staff at Fire Protection Group, Inc. are legally authorized to perform these tests. We also feature an in-house facility for fire pump testing, eliminating the need to outsource and expediting the outcome. We also offer fire pumps for sale if there are indications that a fire pump needs replacement, or if a new structure needs to meet code requirements. It is important to note that if you purchase a Fire Protection Group fire pump, we will perform these tests for free.