George Saadian Leads the Way in Fire Safety

Anyone behind a company or organization can offer superior results. Only some can back up their claims with evidence of their experience and expertise. Here at Fire Protection Group, general manager and lead engineer George Saadian is a leader in the field of fire safety, and he has decades of hands on knowledge to back it up. Mr. Saadian is much more than a businessman and a figurehead. As lead engineer, he has the expertise to design high quality fire control systems like stand pipes for anyone in need. As in expert in fire regulation, his work has contributed toward current fire codes allowing him and his team to effortlessly identify and design exactly what any client needs to remain code compliant.

Fire Protection Group has the skill to work comfortably in any type of building structure from high rise apartments to small commercial shops. We’ve completed projects in government builds, medical centers, homes, and much more. To ensure you pass your next inspection, our technicians can test all of your current control systems, such as fire pump testing to ensure they’re functioning properly. We can complete any repairs or maintenance 24 hours a day/7 days a week if you ever find yourself in need of assistance. Fire Protection group creates our fire control systems, like our popular and effective fire alarm systems in house at our turnkey facility. This helps us cut out the middle man to provide you a system directly that’s custom tailored to your needs. Because our team is so highly experienced, we’ll always help you design and install the system that your building needs, and nothing that it doesn’t. For the best in fire control, our team is only a phone call away.