George Saadian Leads a Top Fire Protection Agency

When it comes to any service provider, it’s the people who matter most. There’s no substitute for a good team with good leadership, and this is, of course, especially true when it comes to businesses that provide safety services. Luckily, if you are working in the Greater Los Angeles area and are looking for top-tier fire protection consulting and fire protection services, you don’t need to look any further than Fire Protection Group, Inc. We are led by some of the most experienced folks in the business, including two former high-ranking Los Angeles Fire Department officials, as well as George Saadian, a man who has dedicated his entire career to fire protection services.

George Saadian has decades of experience in fire protection and prevention services, and has extensive knowledge about everything from standpipe systems to fire alarm systems to fire sprinkler systems. He is among the most widely respected figures in the field. Saadian has also hired on Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway, two former high-ranking LAFD officials who have immense first-hand experience with dealing with fires.

Ultimately, if you want one of the best fire prevention teams in the business, you’ll go with Captain Bob Holloway, Al Hernandez, and George Saadian of Fire Protection Group, Inc. Fire Protection Group Inc. offers the full run of services and products at competitive prices, and their customer service team will do everything in its power to make sure that you have full peace of mind with regard to your fire safety systems. You can contact Fire Protection Group, Inc. via the web or phone today for consultation regarding anything from new fire sprinkler systems to NFPA25 testing.