George Saadian Is a Leader in the L.A. Fire Prevention Field

Anybody looking for a respected, top-tier fire prevention team in the Greater Los Angeles area doesn’t need to look any further than Fire Protection Group, Inc. Fire Protection Group, Inc. has made a name for itself as one of the top fire protection consulting teams in the city because it’s leadership team boasts over 200 years of combined experience, and it includes some of the most dedicated professionals in the field, including George Saadian, Captain Bob Holloway, and Al Hernandez. All three of these leaders boast an immense amount of experience with fire prevention and safety systems, and they also offer a great deal of insider knowledge, largely because both Hernandez and Holloway are former high-ranking members of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD).

If you haven’t heard of him, George Saadian is a man who has dedicated his career to fire prevention and safety systems. He has an incredible knowledge of almost every system on the  market, and he and his team have made it their mission to provide the best possible products and systems as efficiently as possible to as many people as possible.

The bottom line: if you’re looking for one of the best fire prevention system consultant companies in the Greater Los Angeles rea, then you should contact Fire Protection Group, Inc. before you contact any other fire prevention company. With leaders like George Saadian, Captain Bob Holloway and Al Hernandez, you can be certain that you’ll be dealing with an experienced and knowledgeable team that cares deeply about protecting both business and residential complexes .