George Saadian and Fire Safety

George Saadian, one of the leaders of the team at Fire Protection Group Inc., has dedicated his multi-decade career to propelling his company into a leadership position in the fire protection industry. Saadian has written a noted book on fire safety, and has studied its nearly endless components with intense scrutiny and an analytical mind that is rivaled by very few in his industry. He has studied everything from standpipes to fire escape ladders to water pumps, and has made it his mission to provide the highest quality components possible for his customers.

Along with standpipes, fire escape ladders and water pumps, Saadian also has extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to fire sprinkler systems and their many components. He knows how critical fire sprinkler systems are when it comes to fighting fires at the source (and as soon as they occur), and he has spent years making sure Fire Protection Group Inc. offers some of the best solutions on the market. He’s focused on this area specifically with such intensity because he knows fire sprinklers can not only prevent damage and mitigate cost, but also save lives.

Fire Protection Group Inc. is also available 25 hours a day, 365 days a year to help with NFPA25 testing. Saadian knows how important testing is to ensuring that a building is compliant with governmental regulations, and he is determined to make sure his client companies pass their inspections with flying colors. Ultimately, when it comes to fire safety and prevention, it’s hard to imagine a better leader and company than George Saadian and his team at Fire Protection Group Inc.