George Saadian has spent his long and distinguished career understanding everything there is to know about fire protection, and doing his best to make sure his company, the Fire Protection Group, Inc., is among the best in the business. He’s done this, in part, by hiring some of the top talent in the industry, including Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway. Both Hernandez and Captain Holloway served the Los Angeles Fire Department for decades before coming to the Fire Protection Group, Inc., and with Saadian and the rest of the team, they have over 200 years of combined experience in fire prevention.

Saadian and his team have an incredible depth of knowledge in almost every arena of fire prevention, including that of standpipes and standpipe installation. Standpipe systems, for the uninitiated, are a critical component of the effort to help fire fighters have access to pressurized water. The standpipe systems do this by delivering water outlets to higher levels of a multi-story building, affording the fire fighters the chance to plug their hoses directing into a water source.

Along with standpipe systems, Saadian and the team at the Fire Protection Group, Inc. are also on the cutting edge of fire sprinkler systems and fire sprinkler system installation. Fire sprinkler systems are critical, of course, because they are activated automatically after a fire breaks out, and provide a first line of defense.

NFPA25 testing is a specialty of Saadian’s as well, and is a lesser-known, but equally as important aspect of fire prevention safety systems. NFPA25 testing allows officials to determine if a fire prevention system is working correctly, and can notify them of any problems that may need to be fixed before the system is required in a real emergency.