George Saadian, a Leader in the Fire Prevention Community

Fire Protection Group, Inc. has one of the most experienced teams in the fire prevention industry. This includes retired LAFD Chief Al Hernandez, Captain Bob Holloway, and the company general manager and lead engineer, George Saadian. While both Al Hernandez and Captain Holloway have extensive careers with the LAFD, George Saadian is noted for his dedicated study of the field, which includes the authorship of a book on fire prevention.

Mr. Saadian is an expert in almost every aspect of fire prevention, which, of course, includes fire alarm systems and all of their related components. Mr. Saadian knows that alerting authorizes and preserving life in a fire is his most important mission, and he’s made sure that the Fire Protection Group, Inc. almost always has the best possible fire alarm systems ready for purchase and installation.

Mr. Saadian and the Fire Protection Group, Inc. also offer myriad other fire prevention solutions, including stand pipes and stand pipe installation services. Stand pipes aren’t as well known to the general public as fire alarm systems, but ask almost any firefighter, and he or she will tell you that stand pipes are critical when it comes to fighting fires. That’s because stand pipes allow fire fighters access to a direct water source on the higher levels of a tall building.

And, on top of all of the systems and installation services provided by the Fire Protection Group, Inc., they also offer fire sprinkler inspection and NFPA25 testing. These are two critical aspects of fire safety because they help to ensure that a given fire prevention mechanism is in working order.