George Saadian, the head of Fire Protection Group Inc., is one of the most experienced fire prevention specialists in his field in the Los Angeles area. He’s spent the vast majority of his career researching fire prevention systems and techniques, and has dedicated himself to making sure he knows about all of the current trends and innovations in his field. He has a thorough knowledge about everything from fire alarm systems to standpipes, and he wants to make sure his clients receive the best possible forms of fire prevention.

Mr. Saadian’s expertise extends to fire sprinkler systems as well, which is important when one considers how critical fire sprinkler systems can be to providing an early defense against a sudden fire. For those who don’t know, fire sprinkler systems can be extremely effective at fighting sudden fires as they are activated as soon as a fire breaks out, and react by immediately spraying water at the source of the flames.

On top of standpipes, fire sprinkler systems, and fire alarm systems, George Saadian also has extensive experience with NFPA25 testing, which is important for not only making sure that fire prevention systems are able to pass inspections, but also for making sure that they will activate properly if a fire were to break out. NFPA25 testing is conducted to make sure that various fire prevention systems aren’t experiencing any glitches, that way, a building or home owner can be certain that its fire prevention systems are as reliable as possible in an emergency situation.