FPG, Inc.'s Fire Sprinklers Help Counteract Hazards like Hoarding

Hoarding is a complicated mental health issue that is incredibly heart breaking. What many don't realize is that the problem has bigger ramifications than on the hoarder's own health. Hoarding can create a dangerous fire hazard that can affect neighbors and the responding fire crews. Why is this the case?

A hoard can often be comprised of incredibly flammable materials, sometimes placed on surfaces that create heat, which can cause a fire to spread to nearby properties or apartments. It can also obstruct exits and entry points, making the work of firefighters much more difficult and dangerous. In serious cases, electricity and water services can be shut off, rendering fire alarm systems non-functional. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) believes that hoarding is a sensitive and serious issue and that it's important to intervene on an escalating hoard.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. in Los Angeles echoes these sentiments. Hoarding is a complicated issue and we can't offer the same help as qualified mental health professionals. What we can do for residential property managers and owners, however, is set up safety standards like fire sprinkler systems to protect your residents from the spread of fires caused by hoarding-related issues. This doesn't solve the hoarding issues, of course, but it will help protect your residents from fire danger.

Once installed, Fire Protection Group, Inc. can also perform all necessary annual fire sprinkler inspection, maintenance, and repairs. It's much more cost-effective, as well, for us to perform inspection on systems we installed as we would have a thorough understanding of its workings.