FPG, Inc. Provides Fire Alarm Systems and More in SoCal

Fire Protection Group, Inc. consists of factory-trained crews whose training, experience and skill help to deliver a quality product on or ahead of schedule. That's why our team is so highly valued by property owners and building managers throughout Southern California. In a region that is infamous for fire-related issues, the dedication of our team, as well as our skill in designing and installing fire alarm systems, sprinklers and much more can go a long way toward ensuring your property, and those under your care are well taken care of.

At FPG, Inc., we've garnered the acclaim and respect of government officials, municipalities and inspectors. Our turn-key operations and award-winning engineering department that provides alarms and fire escape ladder installation help us to stand apart from the competition, but perhaps the most integral factor in our success is our general manager and lead engineer George Saadian.

For more than three decades, Mr. Saadian has worked in the field of fire protection, and in that time he's illustrated a true passion for all areas of fire suppression and safety. As a published writer on the subject of fire protection, the fire safety expert has even found necessary revisions and additions to be made to the NFPA standard.

In building Fire Protection Group, Mr. Saadian has sought out fire safety experts who are as dedicated as he is, including former LAFD Chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway. That's why, for fire pump testing and much more, you can do no better than Fire Protection Group, Inc.